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Postpartum Girdles vs. Postpartum Belly Bands

Last updated: December 18, 2017
Commonly considered shapewear, postpartum girdles are not the same as a postpartum compression belly band or wrap.  Both are designed to be worn immediately after delivery up to six months.

Postpartum belly bands or wraps provide more compression and support than a postpartum girdle.  Postpartum girdles do not help improve posture or provide back support which can reduce lower back pain and increase comfort for new moms. Another bonus of wearing a postpartum belly band is the added support can make you feel more comfortable. Comfort can increase mobility which is important to all women recovering after childbirth.

Not the Right Compression with Postpartum Girdles

Postpartum girdles also do not have the required compression to help move your organs back into their proper location after birth. Postpartum belly bands, like Shrinkx Belly, allow you to customize compression levels to help compress and draw in abdominal muscles and ligaments that have been stretched during pregnancy.  Compressing the abdominal muscles helps regain muscle memory and enables mom to recover faster.

In addition to providing lower back support and increased compression, postpartum belly bands can be more lightweight and easier to wear. This easy to use design allows you to quickly take the band off and on.

Why Wear a Postpartum Belly Band Instead of a Postpartum Girdle?

Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Band - Better than Postpartum Girdles

Wearing a postpartum belly band as part of your postpartum recovery plan can also help you start to regain your pre-pregnancy body before you have been cleared by your doctor to begin physical activity. Wear your postpartum belly band for up to a year after delivery for best support and recovery. It’s not too late to start wearing one now even if you 1-3 months postpartum. Shrinkx Belly comes in both our original version and a bamboo charcoal wrap.

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