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How to Wear

To maximize results, start wearing Shrinkx Belly immediately after delivery and wear the belly band as much as possible.  Shrinkx Belly is made of lightweight, mesh fabric which makes it almost undetectable under clothing. Wearing Shrinkx Belly will make you look instantly slimmer and will help you feel better. Shrinkx Belly can be worn after c-section but start wearing when you can do so comfortably. Moms tell us how much better they feel when they wear Shrinkx Belly and those trips around the neighborhood in the stroller become far more comfortable when they’re wearing Shrinkx Belly.

How to Wear Shrinkx Belly Step 1 How to Wear Shrinkx Belly Step 2 How to Wear Shrinkx Belly Step 3
Step 1:
Hold the ends of the band in each hand with the rough Velcro end in your left hand. Center the band on your back with the white sizing label facing towards you. Wrap band tightly around your waist and secure Velcro on the front of the band. Make sure band fits snugly around your waist.
Step 2:
Release exterior side straps and pull straps towards the front of the body.  Secure side straps with Velcro to customize the location and level of additional compression on your abdomen.
Step 3:
Wear Shrinkx Belly daily until you are back to your pre-baby self or no longer need additional abdominal support.

Tip: If you have trouble closing Shrinkx Belly try lying down to put the belly band on.