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  • ally-postpartum

    Ally“I am very happy with my post baby belly after wearing Shrinkx Belly. Shrinkx Belly helped me lose inches from my tummy faster and helped my back and posture while breastfeeding. Pregnancy wreaked havoc on my back, particularly my lower back. Wearing Shrinkx Belly gave me additional support until I could gain a little strength back in my core.I highly recommend Shrinkx Belly. When I was not wearing the band I felt my tummy was very flabby (because it was!!) and that made me way more self-conscious than when I was wearing the band. I still have some work to do to get my tummy back in shape, but the baby fat and flabby skin has tightened up thanks to Shrinkx Belly!” – Ally S.

  • montana-postpartum

    Montana“I wore Shrinkx Belly after baby #2 and my favorite part was feeling good right after the baby. I looked great right away in my pre-pregnancy clothes and got compliments non-stop.” – Montana H.Montana is a mother of two and photos to the right were taken 2 days before delivery and then after 8 weeks of wear.

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  • brittany-postpartum

    “At 8 weeks I am back to my pre-baby weight thanks to the Shrinkx Belly band. I love how good the band made me feel about myself and the added confidence. I am so happy I tried Shrinkx Belly.” – Courtney S.

    Brittany is a mother of two and her photos to the right were taken at 2 and 8 weeks postpartum.

  • courtney-postpartum

    CourtneyShrinkx Belly is a success. I was able to button my pre-pregnancancy skinny jeans just 7 days after giving birth and felt comfortable enough to get into last years two-piece swimsuit by day 14! Thanks to Shrinkx Belly I lost 5 inches around my waist.” – Courtney S.Courtney is a mother of two and her photos to the right were taken at 3 days and then at 3 weeks postpartum.

  • jenni-postpartum

    JenniShrinkx Belly is easy to use. Wearing the wrap helped me subconsciously hold my belly in and the results were great. I lost 7.5 inches around my waist in two weeks.” – Jenni F.Jenni’s photos to the right were taken at 3 days and then at 3 weeks postpartum.

  • ryanne-postpartum


    “This was my second child and honestly, I felt my body looked and recovered better than after the birth of my first. All thanks to Shrinkx Belly. I felt supported and my stomach felt comfortably constricted. I wore Shrinkx Belly day and night for 6 weeks

    I recommend Shrinkx Belly to everyone I know who is expecting. If I have a third child, I will wear it again! ” – Ryanne E.

    Ryanne is a mother of two and her photos to the right were taken at 3 days and then at 8 weeks postpartum.


For the past six weeks, I’ve been giving the Shrinkx Belly postpartum belly band a try. I have never tried anything like this before, but I had read about them in pregnancy magazines and wondered if they worked. The verdict? What a neat product! It’s made …Read More »