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Shrinkx Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap in Nude Color to Lose Your Post Baby Belly

Lose Your Post Baby Belly Faster with Shrinkx Belly

Moms can’t wait to lose our post baby belly after delivery. We hear all the stories that reducing your belly to normal size can take months which is why moms have been wrapping their bellies for centuries. Though you’ll want to get in to your pre-pregnancy clothes quickly after delivery, the reality is that your belly will still be about the size as when you were 4-5 months pregnant. Add to that the stress and stretching on your uterus and it makes for an uncomfortable time as your body returns to normal. Which is why we designed Shrinkx Belly specifically for moms to support their recovering muscles and help you slim down at the same time. 

What’s Different About Shrinkx Belly?

Shrinkx Belly is the only postpartum belly band with full torso triple compression so you can customize fit and lose inches faster off your belly and waist after delivery.

Shrinkx Belly’s bonus side straps triple abdominal compression and let you customize the location of compression on your post baby belly to give you personalized slimming support.

Shrinkx Belly is the most comfortable belly band because it is made of latex free, breathable mesh fabric that gently molds to your body.  Because the band is lightweight and conforms to your body, Shrinkx Belly is almost undetectable under clothing and makes you look instantly slimmer.

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The Shrinkx Belly postpartum belly wrap also has built in boning to provide lower back support and help improve posture while breastfeeding. See how to wear Shrinkx Belly.

Shrinkx Belly is available in Nude or Black as well as 2 sizes – XS/SM and L/XL.

OB/GYN and Mom recommended to help you bounce back sooner after baby!



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